They say that "Great sake comes from great rice" and Yamada Nishiki is thought of as the ultimate in Japanese sake-making, isn't that right?

Honda Shoten, has been involved in the making of ginjo-style sake (brewed by low temperature fermentation from white rice) in the Banshu area since the beginning of the Edo era.

Our leading brand is Tatsuriki. We began making daiginjo, which is brewed from rice milled to 50% of weight or less, in 1970.

The "Dragon Series" - is a new line-up created to give it a more modern feel to the traditional drink of Japan.

Because of the three important points of sake (aroma, substance and aftertaste) were rated on a five point scale, matched to each concept, and the color of the labels and bottles were redesigned to communicate that concept before they were released.