Zonnebloem South Africa


South African wines so often tread the line between the old world and the new, between time-honed legacies and technological modernity, and for Zonnebloem’s range of award winning wines, this balance of classic and contemporary is ever present.

Zonnebloem is a brand that stands for craftsmanship in all its forms. From the farms that produce our grapes who use the earth as their canvas to create the fruit which lends our wines their rich, distinctive character; to the winemakers who use the skills they have learned and developed over generations to produce the rich varietals and blends that make up the Zonnebloem stable – craft has been at the heart of our winemaking process since the 17th century.

Our commitment to craft doesn’t end with the bottled product. Zonnebloem invests in craftsmen and artisans to ensure that every bottle is presented, and enjoyed, in a way that speaks to the care that went into its creation.

The Zonnebloem label features a crest depicting a raised right hand clasping a sword and resting on a crown bearing nine pearls. Below it appears the motto la main a loeuvre (the hand that works). It is a symbol of the winemaking philosophy brought to Zonnebloem wines: that hard work through the careful establishment of vineyards, the selection of the finest rootstock, the choice of the finest quality grapes and the application of the finest viticultural and vinicultural methods, results in wines that rank as jewels among connoisseurs.

Since Zonnebloem’s incorporation into the SFW product range, its wines have continued to win accolades both locally and overseas. Among its many prizes are the gold medals awarded at the Club Oenologiques International Wine and Spirit Competition held annually in London and the Brussels-based Monde Sélection.

In South Africa Zonnebloem wines are regularly chosen for the select South African Airways wine lists and have for four of the past five years been featured on the airlines premium Wine of the Month list for first-class international travellers. In addition, vintage Zonnebloem wines consistently fetch high prices at the annual auction of rare Cape wines at Nederburg. The most spectacular price achieved to date was a case of 1965 Zonnebloem Cabernet Sauvignon, sold for R8 250,00.