Sake 日本酒 / 清酒






180ml, 300ml, 720ml, 900ml & 1800ml


What is Sake?

Sake (pronounced "sah~keh") has been produced and enjoyed in Japan for over 2,000 years. It is a brewed, fermented beverage made from rice, water, and yeast. Sake is considered to be the national drink of Japan. Once reserved for only the elite, it is now available to everyone.

Sake is well-loved by the Japanese, and is used at celebrations large and small everywhere in Japan. It is traditionally served at huge national holy celebrations, as well as at small family gatherings. Sake is now becoming popular throughout the world.


Making Sake

To begin the process, brown rice is polished to remove proteins and fats. The polished rice is then washed, soaked, steamed and cooled. Part of the rice is then converted into fermentable sugars called "koji ". The rice, koji, water and yeast are then combined and fermented for a few weeks until the mixture reaches about a 20% alcohol level. The fresh sake is then filtered, pasteurized and aged for about six months, until it is mature. After aging, the sake is blended, filtered and bottled.


Serving Sake

Sake is best when consumed within one year of release. The highest quality sakes should always be served chilled or at room temperature. Everyday sakes may be warmed and served during chilly weather.


Types of Sake

There are different types of Japanese sake. This list may help you understand what kind of sake you are tasting or buying, and help you determine your own likes and dislikes. Within each type there are also many variations of flavor.


Junmai Pure Sake - Rice, Koji, Water and Yeast. No distilled alcohol added. Rice polished at least 25%.

Honjozo Pure Sake + addition of brewer’s alcohol. Rice polished at least 25%.

Junmai Ginjyo (no alcohol added) or Ginjyo (alcohol added). Rice polished at least 40%.

Junmai Dai-Ginjyo (no alcohol added) or Dai-Ginjyo (alcohol added). Rice polished at least 50%.

Namazake Special 5th designation for unpasteurized sake; incorporates all 4 above.

Nigorizake is a variety of sake, an alcoholic beverage produced from rice, its name translates roughly to "cloudy" due to its appearance.  This is unfiltered sake.